AI News Round Up

Here are some AI related news features I spotted recently.

Here’s an interesting prediction from Jack Ma, head of Alibaba – `more pain than gain.’

If a company uses AI to design and manufacture a car, and that car tends to catch fire, who is to blame; the company, or the intelligence that created the on-board electronics/software?

ai-brain circuitry

Apparently AI is racist and sexist, and a woman has started a campaign against that;

A Royal Society study reveals it’s more concerned with `bias’ being programmed into AI, rather than the huge impact on the UK jobs market. So yeah, bit racist HAL 9000 then…

Hard to see how a mere 8.6Million will go anywhere in respect to developing driverless vehicles. A pittance compared to amounts being put in by Google, Amazon and others. But I guess it keeps a few academics in Prosecco for a few years…

driverless VW

Notice this VW prototype could carry passengers like a taxi, commuters to work/meetings, or deliver packages to a pick up point if converted to a windowless van.

VW put $180 million into driverless vehicles and voice recognition tech. Bit more than than the pitiful Oxbot project mentioned above.

Hope you enjoyed the links and if you see something interesting on the subject of AI, its impact on jobs and how we can fund UBI, then post a link or comment below.