Comparing Trump to Hitler is An Insult to 48 Million War Dead

There’s been a tedious howl of left-wing anguish since the election of Donald Trump, and in its wake several mainstream media outlets have repeated views that Trump is creating a new `Nazi Germany,’ or drawn parallels with the 1930s. Even Prince Charles, the Archbishop of Canterbury and historian Simon Schama have joined in.

Here’s a few links, highlighting the direct comparison between 1930s Fascist Germany and Trump’s regime in the USA:

But are there really ANY useful comparisons to be drawn between 1930s Nazi Germany and America in 2017? Of course not, and for those aged under 30, who probably haven’t actually read a history book from beginning to end, plus the slow of understanding who garner their opinions from Tweets or rants on Facebook, I’m going to explain using things called facts. You know, stuff that actually happened.



Hitler was jailed in the 1920s after trying to set up his own little fascist state in Bavaria. Whilst in prison, he started to write a book called Mein Kampf, completed in 1926 after leaving jail. In this book Hitler clearly lays out what he is going to do if he obtains power. Killing and enslaving Slavs, eradicating Jews, killing the sick and disabled, annexing territory for a bigger Germany, regaining a German empire through force and kicking the shit out of France.

Once Hitler gained power after a close general election in January 1933, he waited just TWO months – yes eight weeks – before having opposition leaders arrested, setting up a Ministry of Propaganda, put uniformed henchmen (SA) into Parliament to `observe’ proceedings, made the Communist Party of Germany illegal, opened Dachau concentration camp and dissolved the state of Bavaria. By summer 1933 Jews from Eastern Europe were having their citizenship revoked and public book burnings were well underway. Pretty busy eh?

Let’s look at Trump’s rise.

Attempted seizure of State using local goon squad? Erm…no.

Uniformed henchmen? No.

Evil book with masterplan? Well, no.

There was a book called The Art of The Deal. To my knowledge, there’s no chapter on genocide, attacking France, hating Jews or purifying the American race. In fact, Trump didn’t even write a book, ever – he used a ghostwriter.

But now Trump is President, he’s passing laws rounding up/banning foreigners isn’t he?

Is he. Where are these laws? When is Congress due to pass them? The selective extra vetting for seven countries is still bogged down in the US courts. Hitler would have pulled a gun by now, opened a concentration camp in Wyoming and had the Clintons arrested, then tried for treason.

Instead, Trump has to go through a legal system. That is a crucial difference between 2017 and 1933; the rule of law is being followed in the USA, a violent, racist autocracy has not been established in a matter of weeks. Nor is it likely to be set up, so stop whining on about Simon Schama.


The Nazis loved smashing up Jewish businesses in the 1930s. There was a thing called Kristallnacht in 1938, where thousands of Jewish shops had their windows smashed. The following day arrests of Jews were accelerated and the process of killing Jews via concentration camps was also speeded up as war loomed.

By the late 1930s the Nazis had effectively shut down all opposition media, taken control of film, radio, book distribution, censored libraries and driven many free-thinking writers abroad, or had them arrested/killed.

Does anyone really think that Trump plans to have TV stations closed down, editors arrested and killed or control ALL of Hollywood’s movie output? Calling out CNN or the BBC for their obvious left wing bias is something many politicians have done in private for years. Trump is just saying it out loud because he lacks the guile, cunning and well practised lying that professional politicians have developed from their University days.


The only people smashing up shops in the USA today are Antifa; a sinister black-clad, rag-bag army, who dub themselves `The Resistance’ and are willing to physically attack anyone who voices an opposing view to their mob rule. That, in fact, is closer to the fascism of Hitler’s SA, than anything on the Republican side.

Trump is not banning free speech in the US. In fact, the only restrictions on speech come from the left, who shut down Milo and other so-called `Nazis,’ or no-platform anyone they disagree with. These are the exact same tactics used by the fledgling Nazi Party in Germany; don’t debate, but fight and burn instead.


Germany lost WW1 and had to pay millions in reparations to Britain, the USA and France. These payments of 132 billion Marks bankrupted Germany, partially helping the rise of Hitler and the Nazis by instilling a deep grievance within German society.

By contrast the USA has NOT lost a major war in the last 15 years. It is NOT paying huge amounts to the victors in that imaginary war.

German territory in the Saar was handed over to the League of Nations, and a de-militarized zone in the Rhineland agreed, to placate the French, who knew that the Germans would be back one day for another bitter fight.

I cannot see a section of the USA which is under United Nations control, nor is there a de-militarized zone near the border with Mexico, or Canada.

I could go on, but hopefully anyone with an open mind can see that Europe in the 1930s bears no serious comparison to modern day America, or modern Europe for that matter. The Great Powers, like France and Britain are now bankrupt pygmy nations, with pitifully small armies barely able to cope with pot-smoking terrorists, never mind a well trained, heavily armed, invading force.


The left like to waffle on about the rise of `populism’ as if new versions of the Nazi Party are springing up across America and Europe. They are not. There is no mass movement, only splinter groups, comprising of bored, unhinged men with learning difficulties and a collection of SS daggers.

The real populist parties today are the SNP, or Plaid Cymru, who want nationhood, freedom, and true power enshrined within their own regional Parliaments. But they aren’t wearing jackboots and calling for mass killings. They want to reclaim democracy, and defy globalism, or rule via a `foreign’ power, to an extent – although they’re willing to take the money from the EU/UK governments of course..

To try and twist history, simply to whip up irrational hatred against those who feel the EU, or the Washington political machine, has TOO much power, and needs serious reform, is to misunderstand the lessons from the 1930s. To attack those of us who say that global corporations are treating people like portable medieval serfs, bereft of employment rights and saddled with paying the tax that the rich so effortlessly avoid, by calling us fascists, is an insult. Both to the war dead, and to those who work hard to make a decent life in modern democracies and demand accountable politicians, not self-serving elitists like the Obamas, Clintons, Blairs, Bransons, or similar ilk.

For all his faults, Trump is shaking the tree. Calling out the bullshit which has infected US politics, and the cosy lobbying system which undermines democracy by giving too much power to those with the biggest chequebook. I don’t think he will make America great again, because most people in the USA haven’t the guts to take the fight to ISIS, the REAL fascists, the true inheritors of the Nazi legacy.

And it will come to a terrible fight. Fascists are like that, they cannot be reasoned with and in the end, you must wipe them from the face of the earth. History keeps teaching us that very salient lesson.








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