New VED Car Tax Rules: Do Not Pass Go, But Do Pay £100s More

New rules on VED car tax come into effect on April 1st 2017 and the government has played a blinder. More tax, more complication over emissions bands, plus the sneaky rule on `sorry no refunds this month’ when you sell your car applies. But the new owner must tax the car immediately, so in effect the SAME car is being taxed twice over for up to 30 days.

That really is a wizard wheeze by the UK Treasury. Others might call it fraud, but let’s not get bogged down in who conned who…or spent the VED tax on providing Spice Girls bands in Somalia…


Now, at this point I would love to sum up the new VED tax rules in a few pithy sentences, but I can’t and neither can any motoring journo, government spokesperson or consumer expert. Why? Because they’ve created a Monopoly board game out of car tax – it’s so complex that nobody can understand it, which I guess is the whole point. Baffled people tend to simply pay up, grumble a bit, and then drive to a Toby Carvery to drown their sorrows in cancer-inducing roast spuds and gravy.

Mmmm, sounds well tasty. But here some 2017 VED tax rate highlights for you, just for fun.

New cars will now have a massive VED tax premium slapped on them. So previously a low emissions (99g/Km) Suzuki Shopper, or a Nissan Nibbler owner might pay a measly £30 a year. This is going up to about £140 a year. If you choose a typical hatchback like a Peugeot 208 with a 1.6 petrol engine, it will cost you £160 a year, instead of being free for the first year and £110 thereafter.

See, told you it was a Monopoly game.

Now if you run a big company car, the tax on anything costing over £40,000 is an extra £310 for the first 5 years, on top of the emissions related tax. So let’s say your name is Jason, you run a data grabbing & sales company and drive an Audi A5 2.0 Sportback. You will have to pay £200 a year, plus £310 surcharge for 5 years of PCP contract hire on your German posing pouch on wheels. But that’s OK, your company pays, so ultimately…your customers pay the tax. Magic.

Owners of older cars will also have to stump up about £200 a year on average, depending on the emissions ranking of their engine of course. Some classic car owners – pre 2001 models – will find that the new system has cut their VED bills quite dramatically.

For example, a big Alfa V6 3.0 will now cost just £200 a year to tax, instead of the £515 current rate. That’s a win, but as you drive an Alfa V6, you will have to spend the savings on water pumps and variator gear belts etc. Plus bushes. Oh and some wonky door locks too.



All this tinkering with VED rates is a game – and a nice earner – for the government, but it’s more box-ticking and online kerfuffle for the millions of law-abiding car owners who actually bother to pay VED tax. Plus there’s nothing green about owning a car; they all pollute, cost a fortune to build new in terms of resources – yes, even electric cars.

You also need to build lots of power stations to charge up electric cars. Plus rape the heck out of Bolivia, mining all their lithium for the re-chargeable batteries. Yeah, bit pants really isn’t it Prius owners?

Here’s a fact; diesel cars are the biggest green motoring con trick of the last 15 years.

There’s nothing green about a diesel turbo, it just recycles its own exhaust gases three times, before shoving them out of the silencer. Manufacturers lie blatantly when it comes to fuel consumption; most 1.6 diesels struggle to do more than 35mpg in traffic. A small petrol engine can also do 35mpg in busy traffic.

Diesels clog up their EGR valves, emissions pipework etc, which requires extra maintenance. More spare parts couriered around the UK, simply to keep choked up diesel cars on the road.

Used diesels are green cars? Don’t make me laugh. As the strangled, soot-clogged, oily-gunked up, shitty 50-70K diesel engine tries to keep chugging along in traffic, emitting a vile grey-black cloud of smoke when the driver boots the accelerator, it is literally spewing particulates into every cyclist and pedestrians’s lungs.

Thanks motoring journo Chris Goffey – YOU were the chief twat who promoted diesels on TV in the 1990s, and dickheads in the government believed you. Cheers mate. Here’s a clip where smug Chris brags about clean, 90mpg diesel cars.In reality, VW were cheating the emissions tests – and so were all the other car makers. One big con trick.

If you really want to be green, buy a bicycle or a horse and cart; everything else is just pub banter. It’s bollocks.


A much fairer system, which would see ALL road users pay VED tax, would be to place the levy on fuel. We already pay about 75p per litre as tax, so just add on 5p – the more miles you do, the more you pay.

So gas guzzler 3.0 litre owners pay more tax than a granny nipping out to Asda once a week in a Citroen Berlingo. Those who live in Kent, Essex, or Wiltshire and commute to London for their well paid job in the Capital, would pay  more car tax than say, an 18K call centre worker in Newcastle who lives just down the road, as the rents are more affordable than inside the M25.

Best of all, there’s no dodging the fuel/VED tax. The oil companies flogging petrol and diesel actually collect the tax, so more DVLA workers can be laid off!

Hang on, you say, if we abolish VED tax then we won’t know who owns the vehicles on the roads. OK, all we need is a vehicle reg fee for new/used cars, of say £20, paid annually. No reg fee paid on database, car is seized and crushed. No MoT or insurance? Car seized and crushed.

Two consecutive cases of driving with no documents? Licence revoked and benefits/wages docked by £1000 minimum. You want safer roads? Let’s drive the dodgers off the streets, once and for all.



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