If Milo’s Views Offend You, Then Add These Titles to Your Book Burning List

Those who defend free speech are to be admired, for it is a concept repeatedly under attack ┬átoday. Especially from the self-righteous left, who recently staked a claim to the moral high ground by defending Leslie Jones against Milo’s more obnoxious followers on Twitter and calling for Milo’s book to be banned.


Let’s be clear about very important thing here kids; Leslie Jones doesn’t need any help from white Trustafarians, Buzzfeed beard-stroking readers or Maomentum brick-throwers, keen to emphasise how important an inquiry into Orgreave is, whilst tweeting violent threats to Blairites. No, you see Hollywood star Leslie has her own powerful voice, easy access to the mainstream media – who support her cause 100% – and Leslie has a profile higher than any Shoreditch Content Manager bus wanker, matched by the intelligence to stand her corner against all critics. Of whatever colour, creed or sexual preference.

Leslie Jones doesn’t need the Terror-Latte Army on Twitter to ride to her rescue. In fact her criticism of Simon & Schuster raises useful points about the limits of free speech, and more interestingly, highlights the modern interpretation of what is permitted, and what is No Platformed by all right-thinking, liberal-minded public figures…and their lickspittle hangers-on, mostly hiding behind fake names and avatars online.


No, of course not. And no sitting on the fence here; I say that whoever demands to boycott Simon & Schuster, because they have the audacity to want to make money, by publishing Milo’s camp rants and satirical alt-right theories are pitiful, petty-minded arbiters of political debate.

What is it that you all are so scared of? Maybe Milo might have a point, Ghostbusters 2 was a bit pants? Or is it that Milo’s call-to-arms for Trump, his restatement that democracy and free speech rule supreme – irrefutable and immutable – regardless of who might be offended, is a terrifying idea to those on the Left, who seek to control, manage and edit, EVERYTHING, that is published. Print and online.

If you are FOR censorship, then you’re with Castro, Putin and Erdogan. Tyrants all. If you cannot debate, but only hate and shout down opposing viewpoints, then you side with sinister `anti-fascists’ like Michael Sheen, Lily Allen, Brendan Cox or John McDonnell. Control freaks basically, who cannot abide the idea that ordinary working class people might have REAL power, and a chance to make their voice heard, in our elitist, corporate, tax-dodger dominated political bubble of patronage and chumocracy.

But opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, so get over it and stop trying to organise hysterical, McCarthyist witch-hunts against anyone who argues against your cosy, globalist view. The plain fact is that Milo has the right to promulgate his worldview as much as Bonnie Greer does. You can buy their books on Amazon, or some of the titles below – it’s your choice.

So we should revel in our time of plenty when it comes to books – over seven million on Amazon alone – and celebrate that we actually HAVE that incredible range of opinion, ideas, fiction, controversial histories, or devilish satire. We have a glorious, golden age of choice, of true enlightenment.

Never lose it, never let one minority opinion dominate, or curtail, our depth and breadth of literature, essays, news and broadcast media. Otherwise, the real book burning will really get going…



As a footnote, here are some more authors/publishers whose work should be immediately banned, shredded and stamped on by righteous SJWs in Doc Martens, as it no doubt encourages Hate Speech, Fascism, Gender Stereotypes, CSE, Misogynist Oppression of Women and lots of other isms.

Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler. Published by Jaico in India. So get on a plane, and organise a book burning, because that would be the perfect way to protest against Jaico printing Hitler’s book, wouldn’t it?

Tar Baby and Other Rhymes, Applewood Books. Yes, you can still buy a book about tar babies and that evil Brer Rabbit dude. Come on people, put down your vegan mung bean lattes and boycott these white supremacists!

Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov. Just filth basically. Why are Penguin Classics getting away with publishing this porn?

Any childrens books by Harry Horse. Step forward Penguin once again, who publish the works of Harry Horse, who was really author Richard Horne. Horne stabbed his MS suffering wife to death, then stabbed their pets, before finally killing himself.

And finally, anything by Nazi hagiographer, historian David Irving.

So there you have it, a bonfire of the SJW vanities, a hit list of bad books by culturally unacceptable authors. If you really can’t stand the thought of Milo being published, then surely it’s time to mount your high horse and have a tilt at these other windmills of wordsmithery too?

Or can you accept that we all have a choice?






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