Time to End The Gong Show

For overseas readers, let me explain the British Honours system to you, in a nutshell;

It was all started by the monarchy, to dish out favours to ass-kissers (sometimes literally), henchmen, land-grabbers, warmongers and back-stabbing state officials. Refined in the early 20th century by David Lloyd George in WW1, who set up a sort of Turkish bazaar in honours, with knighthoods and medals for sale a la carte, depending on your donation to the Liberal Party.


Sir Phillip Green, former head of a retail group and all round nice guy

In the late 20th Century a class system was imposed on the honours system, which exists to this day. So for example, a wealthy donor to a political party ┬ámay receive a title, which allows them entry to the House of Lords, where they may vote to support the party which enobled them. Ruthless businessmen could also obtain honours like knighthoods, but they didn’t have to make a straightforward payment. No, the corruption is more subtle;

Rich celebs or business tycoons can purchase honours by writing off a few million in tax and donating to charities, or doing `good work’ and shouting about it in the press, like Jimmy Savile did for example, thus ensuring that their `service’ may be rewarded with an honour.


Jimmy Savile, friend of Margaret Thatcher, senior Police officers and BBC Directors. Can you see a pattern here?

Low class people could only receive basic bitch honours, such as an OBE, BEM or CBE – all these `gongs’ have the word Empire in them, which renders them worthless, as of course Britain has no empire nowadays. This class segregation continues in the 21st century. Someone who slaves away for 40 years helping homeless men find shelter, drink warm soup or avoid being set on fire by migrants, will get an MBE. Maybe. If they know the right people.

That’s how it works, and this is why it should end. The honours system, like so much else in Britain, rewards nepotism, chumocracy and virtue signalling over REAL humanitarian work. It is STILL a system which is inherently, almost brazenly, flawed by the influence of money, fame and donations to the `people who matter.’


Lynn Faulds-Wood. Someone doing the right thing and saying `No thanks’ to honours gongs

So all credit to Lynn Faulds-Wood, the former BBC presenter, who rejected an honour this December. And a tip of the hat also to Prof Phil Scraton, who point blank refused to have anything to do with a system of Oxbridge chums, time-serving Police & civil servants, plus corrupt politicians, all of whom kept a lid on the lies, the cover-up, the smear campaigns of Hillsborough, until the bitter end.

The final insult is to bestow honours on people like Victoria Beckham, or Anna Wintour – vile, fame-obsessed, manipulative women who treat anyone below their pay grade as essentially disposable, worthless.

Every year, the long list of failures, incompetent box-tickers and arse-crawling scum who infest the senior positions in the civil service, charity sector or political machinery of the Westminster bubble, also receive honours. This venal horse-trading, this sideshow of vermin in ermine, needs to end. It has no place in a meritocracy and that’s what Britain is – isn’t it?

It’s time that what you know – and what you do well – replaced who you know.


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