The Left Are Creating a Fascism That Doesn’t Exist

Spend an hour or two trawling Twitter and Facebook and you will soon find examples of supposed fascism in Britain. It’s `on the rise,’ according to the agreed narrative of the `Progressive’ Left, who see the ghosts of Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts on every Northern street corner.

But is it?

Fascism in the 1920s and 1930s was a highly corporatist movement, which rejected free market capitalism, instead offering a curious mix of state funded grandiose projects such as autobahns and brutalist buildings, with the added bonus of invented jobs – often with a free uniform and a big stick – for the slow of understanding.

In that respect, 1930s fascism is EXACTLY the same as the Corbynista/Left’s ideology in terms of re-nationalising railways, dismantling cosy corporate cartels and ending austerity by reflating the economy via infrastructure projects. Their economic policy is identical in fact.

In some respects then, statist fascism is an idea which still has appeal for the hard Left today, although what has changed is the total rejection of nationalism by the Left. Flags are very bad, as we see here, where Lady Nugee kindly highlights the inherent racism of a red cross on a white background.


Nationalism Is a Dirty Word

What’s happened in the last decade or so is that nationalism, a belief in the self-determination of a nation state, has replaced fascism in the collective consciousness of the British Left.

The rise of UKIP was at first greeted with sneering mockery, and then a real fear and hatred, as it became obvious that many people in Britain wanted a brake on mass migration, and ultimate accountability to rest in London’s Parliament, not Brussels secretive meeting rooms and Commissioners Offices. This message of national sovereignty is completely at odds with the pro-internationalist, `Citizen of Nowhere’ ideology, which was started – perhaps as an ironic joke – by Tony Blair’s regime in the late 1990s.

So to criticise unlimited migration has become fascist. To object when men kill their own daughters if they refuse to marry their cousin, has become fascist. Those who suggest that convicted foreign criminals, or those who incite terrorist acts should be deported, is also fascist…and probably racist too. This is the new, 21st century, Lily Allen playground bully brand of politics, the language of Hate Not Hope.¬† All funded by millionaires, who refuse to pay tax as they’ve transferred that burden onto the UK working poor.

There can be no reasoned debate, no common ground or compromise, there is only one, authorised, world view.

Globalism rules. Those who disagree are automatically racists.

Dear Celebs & Politicians; Show Me The Fascist Movement In The UK


Thousands gather to hear Mosley at a BUF meeting in London 1934

Study this picture carefully, it shows a meeting of the British Union of Fascists in Hyde Park, 1934. There are thousands here, all gathered to hear Max Mosley’s ridiculous father, Oswald, pontificate on Britain’s ills, and how to solve them. I have NEVER, as in never, seen anything like that number of people in support of a quasi-militaristic party, such as the EDL or BNP. Even in the 70s heyday of the BNP, they were lucky to round up 40-60 pissed up skinheads at any given venue.

How do I know this? I was alive in the 70s; attended union picket lines, demos, CND rallies etc. There was no mass fascism/BNP movement back then, just a bunch of fruitcakes in bomber jackets and Doc Martens, looking for a fight.

So my 2017 message to the slightly sinister Brendan Cox, comedy writer Graham Linehan or celeb actor Michael Sheen is simple; show me the mass fascism movement in the UK, and I’ll gladly contribute to its demise. By ¬†taking action, as well as tweeting virtue signals on Twitter.

Let’s all demonstrate outside their party HQ, picket their political rallies and out vote them at the ballot box. Unless you’re all busy doing PR events of course? But you know what, I can’t find that elusive British Fascist Party. If the best the Left can do is send a rent-a-mob to Nigel Farage’s house, or troll a sociopath’s anonymous account on Twitter, then you’ve lost the debate.

For politicians and their celebrity supporters to raise the false spectre of fascism in Britain, when it has long since been consigned to the history books, shows the weakness, the utter confusion amongst the Left. Instead of slinging mud, come up with a set of policies that offer UBI (Universal Basic Income), an infrastructure programme that is NATIONAL, not London biased, and finally – and most importantly – stand up to the real fascists of our times; Islamic State and all their tacit supporters within the Salafist and Wahhabi strands of Islamism.


Yazidi fighters last week, still waiting for a tweet of support from Emily Thornberry.

Those who would kill, or imprison, every LGBT person they could find, are fascists. The men who wish to subjugate women and force them to live almost medieval lives of segregation, or gang rape Yazidi women, are fascists. And those who would replace democracy, with theocracy, are likewise true oppressors and tyrants. To encourage the murder of an Ahmadi Muslim like newsagent Asad Shah, because he follows a different type of faith, is an ideology akin to 1930s fascism, an evil doctrine that demands compliance, submission, or offers only death to those who refuse. This thinking is wrong, utterly wrong – and the Left need to speak out against it.

If the Left cannot speak up for what is fundamentally right, good and true, or fight for cornerstones of a civilised society; freedom of thought, religion, atheism, sexual preference and gender quality, then it has lost its way completely.

And it will be extinguished at the ballot box.



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